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Welcome To Perfect Care

Our agency will always place our patient's health and wellbeing first. We have a team of devoted caregivers who share our vision and sincere desire to help improve the daily lives of those in our community—in the best way possible. Our licensed clinicians, case managers, social workers, and office staff are dedicated to providing excellent services with the utmost professionalism. Whether it be through our exceptional specialized home services, or simply by the onward care and communication of our office staff–we aim to enrich the lives of our patients through kindness and integrity.

A Vision For A Better Future

We are committed to creating a change, one that will make a difference in the healthcare industry and leave our footprint in the community, for the better.

Who is Perfect Care Home Health

For the past two decades, Perfect Care Home Health Agencies have focused their efforts on becoming the greatest advocates for the communities we care for—so that patients of all ages, backgrounds, color, ethnicity, race, and sex, are provided with the best quality homecare this industry has to offer.

We are licensed with the State of Florida, as well as managed by highly skilled and selfless professionals who have been in the Home Health industry for over 20 years. It has been through their combined efforts and uncompromising altruistic vision, that several facilities throughout South Florida have been established to ensure that home care treatment plans are available to all individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, or individuals returning home from inpatient hospital stays.

As a result, we have built strong community ties with patrons throughout South Florida and work closely alongside several prestigious hospitals, physician offices, assisted living facilities, daycares and groups homes, so that everyone has the opportunity to receive the care they need and deserve—right from the comfort of their homes.