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If it is you or a patient, there are times when a few days in the hospital are just not enough for the body to heal. Having a little extra time and assistance is what Perfect Care provides with our Skilled Nursing Team. Our skilled nursing team offers world-class care and compassion that you would come to expect from a leading health provider like Perfect Care.

Perfect Care has industry-leading nurses, where their care and attention to detail, to your or patients' care, is a point of pride. Our skilled nursing team gives one on one attention, and customized care expected when you are seeking a facility for after-treatment care. Our overall goal is to get our patients back to the comfort of their own homes and with their families.

What is Skilled Nursing

If it's you or a patient who needs treatment for an injury or illness, along with assistance with daily activities, you may want to consider skilled nursing. Skilled nursing may be right if they need around-the-clock nursing care and assistance with everyday tasks in the short term.

Skilled nursing care is provided by trained registered nurses in a medical setting under a doctor’s supervision. Giving you the same level of nursing care you would get in a hospital. You may want to go from the hospital back to the comfort of your home to continue recovering after an illness, injury, or surgery, with a skilled nurse practitioner there to help.

Does my patient qualify for Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing level of care should be considered medically necessary when the following criteria is met:

  1. Services must be provided under the supervision of a physician and must be delivered by and require the judgment of a qualified and appropriately licensed provider.
  2. Services must be directed toward an active treatment regimen for a specific health condition, usually a wound or injury.
  3. Services are considered by the plan to be specified, effective, and reasonable treatment for the patients' diagnosis and physical condition
  4. Skilled services must be medically necessary at a frequency and intensity that requires an inpatient level of care, and that cannot be provided in a less-intensive setting (e.g. intermediate care facility, rest home, office, outpatient, or home setting with intermitted skilled services).
  5. Services must be expected to result in significant and measurable improvement in the patient’s medical condition of functional capabilities within a reasonable and defined time-period.

Perfect Care skilled nurses are industry leaders in nursing. Giving you and your patients the highest of care you expect. They will provide your patients and you with the love, care, and attention expected when recovering. Perfect Care Skilled Nurses offer many services within their area of practice. Including:

  1. Wound care/Wound VAC
  2. Peg tube care
  3. Medication management
  4. Intravenous and nutrition therapy
  5. PT/NR
  6. Patient Caregiver Education
  7. Monitor Serious Illness and Unstable Status
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